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Seasonal Flu Vaccine

Seasonal flu vaccine is available at all Salt Lake County Health Department clinics, excluding the West Jordan location. 

Who Should Receive the Vaccine?

Pregnant women, young children, seniors and those with chronic medical conditions have always been strongly encouraged to get the vaccination as soon as the vaccine is available. However, this year the flu vaccine is being recommended for everyone over six months of age, by the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Common Questions

Will the seasonal influenza vaccine protect against H1N1/swine flu?

Yes, this year the antigens for the H1N1 vaccine have been included in the seasonal flu vaccines, by all manufacturers.

Why get the seasonal flu vaccine this year?

From data collected in the southern hemisphere, where flu season has already occcured, we know that H1N1 and the other two strains included in the seasonal flu vaccine will be active in the Northern Hemisphere this flu season.

Where can I get a seasonal flu vaccine?

Click HERE or call 385-468-4152 to make an appointment at one of the SLCoHD public health clinics.

How much does a seasonal flu vaccine cost?

Cost varies from $25-35, depending on the type of vaccine you choose (immunization nurses can provide guidance on what type to choose). We do bill some insurances—call to confirm if yours is among them.